Train your own assistance dog

Be a part of the
training process

A rewarding experience from the very start

At PTSD Dogs we understand that everyone’s journey is different. Are you in need of an assistance dog but already have a dog and want to be a part of the training process? We offer the unique opportunity to suitable candidates to train their very own assistance dog.

Are you ready to train?

Are you interested in training your own assistance dog? There are some pre-requisites before we can get started.

The ideal train your own applicant will;

  • Have a psychologist they work with whom is willing to work with the PTSD Dogs team
  • Have a clinical diagnosis of PTSD due to their service as a Veteran or First Responder
  • Have set medical goals
  • Live within a 150km radius of Cooroy
  • Have a dog that meets the Dog Selection traits which are critical to the success of the dog.
  • Be willing to pay the initial $1,000 for assessment which if successful will come off the total cost.
  • Be prepared to learn how to train a dog under the protocols of PTSD Dogs Australia.
  • Use the same cues as PTSD Dogs Australia.

Show Your Support

PTSD Face-off

October 10th is World Mental Health Day and I will be celebrating this special day by shaving off my beard to help raise awareness and funds for PTSD dog training. It’s a small gesture with a big impact! I truly believe that together, we can make a difference. Whether you choose to participate in fundraising efforts or simply support us by spreading the word, every single person can make a meaningful contribution.