PTSD Face-Off Campaign - 2024

Recent data unveils a haunting rhythm of first responder suicides, with a life tragically snuffed out every four weeks. Tragically, this grim cycle accelerates for our veterans, culminating in a suicide every two weeks. Amid this heartrending reality, PTSD Dogs Australia stands as a beacon of determination, resolute in their mission to reduce these staggering, heartbreaking numbers. Through their ceaseless efforts to train and provide assistance dogs to those tormented by PTSD, they offer a sliver of hope in a landscape otherwise shrouded in despair.

However, this lifeline comes with a considerable cost. The initial training process alone demands over 300 hours of intensive, painstaking effort. This is then followed by additional training once the dog is paired with its designated, waiting handler. All told, each canine companion represents an investment of over $40,000. Yet, despite the daunting cost, the transformative impact these dogs impart on the lives of PTSD sufferers is beyond any monetary measure—some even attest that these dogs have been their salvation, their rescuers from the brink of despair. The impact, simply put, is immeasurable.

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Roger Weeks

I am fuelled by a relentless passion, a burning purpose to rescue more dogs and extend a helping hand to my fellow veterans who bear the scars of their service. The echoes of their suffering resonate within me and igniting a fire I cannot ignore.

Last year, I was met with a chorus of voices that humorously wished to see me shorn of my hair. Well, this year, I am stepping up the game. I am laying it all on the line in the name of our cause.

With your help, we can reach a lofty goal of $30,000. If we can scale this mountain, not only will my beard meet the razor’s edge, but my hair will also surrender to the shears. But remember, we must surpass this target. So, let’s join forces, let’s rally our collective strength, and make an unforgettable impact. Together, we can change lives.

Bruce (Bruiser) Groenewegen


Mental health among First Responders and our Military personnel is a critical issue that has, for far too long, been a secondary priority to organisations. Surviving something like PTSD is a new struggle every day and, having watched peers, superiors and juniors succumb while struggling to maintain my own mental health is an issue close to my heart. Equally, important to me is recognition of the unique bond that has traditionally (and rightly) existed between members of First Response organisations and Military personnel. Those relationships call us to look after each other, at the same time demanding that our organisations do likewise. This, then, is a way of me putting my money, or more correctly your money, where my mouth (literally) is. I haven’t been clean shaven for almost 25 years so please dig deep because this is a huge leap for me – but the cause is just! Help me raise $5000 and my beard will be gone.

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"You came into my life full of energy, your my mate, my friend now my guardian. In the short time we've know each other you've made my life enjoyable. I can eat out with my partner, navigate the shops, and live a normal life that so many others have. Tears well as I write about you because I don't think you'll ever know just how much you have impacted my life. The joy, the security the constant eye over me"

Return Veteran & PTSD Dogs Supporter