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While PTSD Dogs Australia concentrates on training and supplying PTSD Service Dogs (also known as Assistance Dogs), sometimes the dogs do not meet the high standards required by the program but it is not the end for the dogs. Because we have been very selective in choosing suitable dogs for our program, we end up with very well trained dogs that can meet needs other than as a fully qualified Service Dog.

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Therapy Dogs

Unlike an Assistance dog who is trained to assist their handler by performing certain tasks, Therapy dogs are trained to provide affection, comfort and support all kinds of people, not just their handlers.

Assistance Dogs

Assistance or Service dogs are working animals that are specially trained to help people who are living with disabilities do everyday tasks and activities so they become more independent.

Dogs In Training

Our dogs are gentle, intuitive, intelligent, and full of unconditional love. They can provide you a sense of calm amidst turmoil, safety amid confusion, and comfort in sadness.

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PTSD Dogs Australia is solely dedicated to the rescuing, re-homing and training of suitable displaced dogs to support and assist Australia’s First Responders (Fire, Police Ambulance), the Australian Defence Force, Air Force, Army and Navy personnel suffering from PTSD both current and retired.

Train Your Own

At PTSD Dogs we understand that everyones journey is different. Are you in need of an assistance dog but want to be a part of the training process? We offer the unique opportunity to suitable candidates to train their very own assistance dog.

Rescued Heroes

The successful placement of PTSD dogs can be life-changing for those who suffer from this debilitating condition. These highly trained and specialized dogs provide emotional support and comfort to individuals with PTSD, helping them manage their symptoms and improve their quality of life.

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We’re a team of professional advocates, volunteers and supporters with a passion for people and animals. We’re dedicated to the rescuing, rehoming and training of displaced and unwanted dogs.