Foster a rescue dog

Experience one of the
most rewarding volunteer
positions imaginable

Make a remarkable difference

Foster families or individuals ensure our newest and most vulnerable recruits receive unconditional love in a caring and positive home environment while receiving the necessary training. A Foster Educator is one of the most rewarding volunteer positions imaginable. You are directly contributing to saving two lives, that of the rescue dog and the Veteran or First Responder this dog will potentially be given to.

Rescuing and creating
a PTSD Assistance Dog

The dogs we rescue are between eight months and three years of age.

First three weeks is all about routine, home life, manners and settling in, sitting nicely for pats and grooming, establishing toileting, feeding, sleeping and walking routines.

First three months is training the basics. Lots of confidence building, helping to ensure your dog is happy, confident and well mannered out in public and attending weekly training sessions with the rest of the PTSD Dogs pack.

Three to six months involves greater socialisation, visiting places like the Ginger Factory. We will be there by your side offering all the support you need. We also cover the associated costs of having a dog such as food, vet bills, some toys and training equipment.

Six to nine months is where you see the consistent training and reward coming together.

Being a Foster Educator is a physically demanding role and will require you to actively look after the dog. Some may pull on the lead to start with or be a jumpy excitable dog. As a Foster Educator, not only will you learn so much about dog training and behaviour, you will get lots of doggie love knowing that your efforts have helped save this dog’s life and make a monumental difference in the life of a Veteran or First Responder.

When your Foster Dog is ready for pairing, handing your dog back can be an emotional yet incredibly rewarding experience. You will see your Foster Dog working with their Handler, either a Veteran or First Responder, and see firsthand their journey together as well as experience the gratitude a Handler has for you for raising and educating their best mate.

Are you ready to foster?

A good Foster Educator is a kind, caring, consistent and patient person who loves wet nose kisses and giving and receiving cuddles. Being a Foster Educator is life changing for you and your rescue dog.

The ideal Foster Educator will:

  • live within a 100 kilometre radius of Cooroy, Sunshine Coast so that you can attend regular weekly training
  • be home for most of the day or have approval from your workplace to have a dog in the office. Your dog must not be left alone for more than four hours at a time without supervision or human contact/company
  • be available to walk and train your dog daily
  • allow your dog to sleep and be indoors with you
  • have a good quality dog proof fence unless you live in a flat or unit
  • have Queensland Drivers license and access to your own registered vehicle and public transport 
  • be willing to share daily routines and outings with your Foster Dog
  • attend weekly training sessions across the Sunshine Coast
  • not be excluded from having their own pet, providing your pet is dog friendly and meets our other criteria
  • have internet, email and phone.

Fostering FAQ's

We understand what a commitment fostering a rescue dog is. Please find our most frequently asked questions to help or send us a message.

By fostering you are helping to Rescue Dogs who Rescue Humans. These dogs are highly trained to make a significant difference in the lives of our Police, Fire, Ambulance and Military Personnel who now have PTSD as a result of their service.

All our dogs are rescue dogs and while there is no specific breed, we focus on medium size dogs for their ability to assist with the many tasks they are taught to assist their handler. We have Labradors, Labrador mix as well as working breeds such as Border Collie among others.

As we are rescuing our dogs, they are a variety of ages. We rescue dogs that are between Eight Months and Three Years of age to reduce the waiting times for our Veterans and First Responders.

Short and long term Fosters are required. Short term covers emergency care for handlers who need to go to hospital and can’t take their dog. Long term is six to twelve months.

We support you all the way!

Our Foster Educators receive ongoing support and instructions from qualified dog trainers. Educating a dog is like educating a child. Everyone learns and develops differently. As a Foster Educator, your role is to help create a confident happy, well socialised, calm, intuitive dog. You are given all the training and support you need, it’s like following a road map to success and you will be a part of a nurturing pack of dog lovers.

PTSD Dogs Australia will also provide:

  • dog bedding
  • grooming equipment
  • flea, tick and heart protection
  • veterinary care
  • Big Dog RAW pet food and dog bowls
  • collar, leash, in-training jacket and training equipment
  • regular weekly training sessions to help your doggie communication skills.