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The successful placement of PTSD dogs can be life-changing for those who suffer from this debilitating condition. These highly trained and specialized dogs provide emotional support and comfort to individuals with PTSD, helping them manage their symptoms and improve their quality of life.

The process of placing a PTSD dog involves matching the right dog with the right person, based on their unique needs and personality. The dog undergoes rigorous training to become a certified PTSD service dog, which includes learning how to recognize and respond to specific triggers and symptoms, as well as providing physical support when needed.

Once a PTSD dog is placed with their new owner, the benefits can be profound. The dog provides a sense of security and companionship, which can help alleviate feelings of isolation and anxiety. They can also assist with tasks such as waking their owner from nightmares or reminding them to take medication, helping to create a sense of routine and stability.

Success Stories

Successful placement of our rescued heroes is life-changing for those who suffer from PTSD


Originally trained as an assistance dog for a retired police officer, Archie was deemed a little on the small side, and was repurposed as our ambassador. He visits emergency workers and retirement homes to spread comfort and the word about what we do.


When a local breeder heard about our work, they decided to donate this amazing boy to be trained as an assistance dog for some lucky veteran. Being an Australian Shepherd, Blaze is full of energy and is super keen to work hard for his handler.

“Team Blaze went to see Collingwood’s Grand final cup. It’s doing an Australian tour.
Heaps of people turned up, and l handled it.
Blaze gave me the confidence even to give it a go. Before Blaze, no way would I have even thought of going. But his effect has changed my life, in the past, I wouldn’t go, so family doesn’t go, so everyone misses out on great opportunities.
How times have changed. Blaze and the entire Pack, my family thanks you.”

Navy Veteran


A gorgeous Labrador from Taree, Henry completed his training program and is now living his life as a loving companion and a loyal assistance dog for an army veteran in Coffs Harbour NSW, helping his owner to overcome the impact of PTSD.

“From the moment they met it was a success story in the making!
Yellow lab Henry has changed my world forever and afforded me, to do things I couldn’t do before he came into my life!

Today life is so much easier to live, I find more and more of the enjoyment that I had been missing so much.”

Army Veteran


Abandoned at a very early age, Lexi began training at 10 weeks old. Intelligent and intuitive, Lexi has been a star pupil from the start of the program, and she has fast become one of the most empathetic dogs in the PTSD Dogs Australia team.


After our tremendous success with BJ and Henry, the breeder donated another pup from the last litter she was breeding—and so the Legend began. Still only a pup, he can be a bit of a goofball, but he’s smart, affectionate, and eager to learn.

“Never did I think 12 months on, I’d be so happy, content, building a new home full of amazing things… 12 months is a long time but if you embrace the journey, trust your dog and give some of that worry to him, anything is possible. When we met Angie Weeks, I was edgy, angry and how little love I had, how things have changed… my family and my partner are my everything and we were given an amazing choccy lab named Legend thanks to this amazing pack.”

Air Force Veteran


As a rambunctious 1-year-old, BJ the Labrador came to us from Sydney NSW and has learned fast to become one of our star pupils. Full of life and youthful exuberance, he has one aim: to be the supporting paw for his human partner.

“BJ the wonder dog has saved my life and that of my family. With him by side or on my lap I have attended my youngest child’s first swim class, my middle child’s footy games and actually been present not in the car. My daughter and I shop together instead of her shoping for groceries alone. My wife sleeps better as BJ wakes me from my nightmares and she can now go to work knowing I am never alone”

Police Veteran


Buddy the Border Collie is an invaluable assistant to his young veteran handler and goes everywhere with him. His quiet nature suits his role, and he’s quick to let his handler know when he’s overdoing things and needs to take a rest.

“Because Buddy helps me with all my problems I am now a lot calmer, not as angry and less reactive. I now have 2 of my girls living with me permanently and I get to see the others regularly. I have also started lawn bowls which allows me to get out and meet more people. None of this would have been possible without Buddy and the support of PTSD Dogs Australia.”

Army Veteran


Rosie the Labradoodle has been trained to give both mental and physical assistance. She alerts her handler when he’s about to have a seizure, and helps with the shopping by getting cans of food from the bottom shelf of the supermarket.

“You never walk alone when you have a trained PTSD Assistance Dog by your side. PTSD Assistance Dogs are gentle, intuitive and full of unconditional love.”

Air Force Veteran


An 18month old rescue groodle cross brought into the PTSD Dogs family as an adolescent. Arlo is a very willing worker for both food and a game. He will also let his trainer know if he is bored with what’s happening. Very laid back and chilled.

“The unwavering constant support and loyalty that Mr. Arlo offers is second to none. Its amazing how he changes my entire mood and outlook and brings me back to the here and now.”

Air Force Veteran

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